Donnerstag, Februar 21, 2008

Objektivisten in der Presse

Yaron Brook taucht auf mit seinem Aufsatz To Stimulate The Economy, Liberate It auf. "Beinahe unvorstellbar", schreibt Brook, wäre der ökonomische Stimulus, der auf eine drastische Reduzierung der staatlichen Regulierungen und Ausgaben folgen würde. "Produktion braucht keine Stimulierung durch die Regierung, sie braucht eine Befreiung von der Regierung", erklärt uns der Präsident des Ayn Rand Institute die grundlegenden Zusammenhänge. Diana West zitiert in der Washington Times ausführlich den Historiker John David Lewis mit seinem Aufsatz Gifts from Heaven. Wer sich sehr gut auskennt in amerikanischer Geschichte, könnte es mit diesem Test versuchen. Der Test ist nicht interaktiv. Betsy Speicher vermutet, dass ein Objektivist oder Sympathisant des Objektivismus involviert sein muss, wegen solcher Fragen:

19) In The Republic, Plato points to the desirability of:
A. tyranny.
B. democracy.
C. philosopher kings.
D. commercial republics.
E. world government. Richtige Antwort: C

26) The Declaration of Independence relies most obviously on the political thought of:
A. Plato.
B. Niccolo Machiavelli.
C. David Hume.
D. John Locke.
E. Georg Hegel. Richtige Antwort: D

27) Which statement is a common argument against the claim that “man cannot know things”?
A. Professors teach opinion not knowledge.
B. Appellate judges do not comprehend social justice.
C. Consensus belief in a democracy always contains error.
D. Man trusts his ability to know in order to reject his ability to know.
E. Social scientists cannot objectively rank cultures Richtige Antwort: D

29) Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas would concur that:
A. all moral and political truth is relative to one’s time and place.
B. moral ideas are best explained as material accidents or byproducts of evolution.
C. values originating in one’s conscience cannot be judged by others.
D. Christianity is the only true religion and should rule the state.
E. certain permanent moral and political truths are accessible to human reason. Richtige Antwort: E

36) According to just-war theory, a just war requires which of the following?
A. Approval by the International Court of Justice.
B. Endorsement by democratic vote.
C. A threatening shift in the balance of powers.
D. The authority of a legitimate sovereign.
E. That no civilian casualties occur Richtige Antwort: D

49) Free enterprise or capitalism exists insofar as:
A. experts managing the nation’s commerce are appointed by elected officials.
B. individual citizens create, exchange, and control goods and resources.
C. charity, philanthropy, and volunteering decrease.
D. demand and supply are decided through majority vote.
E. Government implements policies that favor businesses over consumers. Richtige Antwort: B

50) Free markets typically secure more economic prosperity than government’s centralized planning because:
A. the price system utilizes more local knowledge of means and ends.
B. markets rely upon coercion, whereas government relies upon voluntary compliance with the law.
C. more tax revenue can be generated from free enterprise.
D. property rights and contracts are best enforced by the market system.
E. government planners are too cautious in spending taxpayers’ money. Richtige Antwort: A

54) Keynesian economists conclude that the recession phase of a business cycle:
A. involves a lower unemployment rate.
B. occurs when investment spending crowds out consumer spending.
C. can be eliminated by government taxing more than it spends.
D. can be reversed by government spending more than it taxes.
E. can be reversed with higher interest rates. Richtige Antwort: D

56) Why are businesses in two different countries most likely to trade with each other?
A. They know that although one business will be hurt from trading, the other will be better off, and they both hope to be the winner.
B. Businesses are unable to sell their products in their own countries.
C. Each business expects to be better off as a result of the trade.
D. Their respective governments require them to do so.
E. The natural resources of both countries are similar. Richtige Antwort: C