Samstag, März 29, 2008

Übersetzer gesucht

Zu seinem Roman kann ich nichts sagen, aber gern möchte ich den Lesern dieses Blogs mitteilen, dass John F. Landrum dringend nach einem deutschen Übersetzer/Herausgeber für sein Werk sucht:

My novel, The Jonkheer’s Wife, has just received very favorable reviews in The New Individualist (January / February 2008) and in Gennady Stolyarov’s Rational Argumentator. One reader has called it “the first novel I have seen that examines the philosophical and cultural contradictions that made Nazism possible, using an engaging plot and set of characters.” Another has called it “the first objectivist novel to escape Ayn Rand’s shadow.”

It can be ordered through Amazon, and is available (through order) in many european bookstores, but only in English. I am actively seeking a German translator / publisher.