Freitag, Juni 12, 2009

Harry Binswanger bei Glenn Beck

Ganz aktuell: Harry Binswanger vom Ayn Rand Institute ist Teil einer Diskussionsrunde bei Glenn Beck today. Thema ist Anti-Semitismus in Amerika. Binswanger verweist darauf, dass Rassismus eine Form von Kollektivismus ist. Er überrascht den Moderator mit der Aussage, dass die Rechte individualistisch sei, im Gegensatz zur kollektivistischen Linken (Binswanger spricht u. a. von James von Brunn, einem Neonazi, der im Holocaust Museum zum Mörder wurde):

BINSWANGER: It's only going to get worse, because under pressure, people should resort to their standards and principles, but they don't have any standards and principles today. Standards have been knocked down by our universities who tell us that truth is relative, there is no morality; it's all your culture or my culture.

Well, this Von Brunn's culture is a tribe of racist, anti-Jewish, anti-Negro, anti-immigrant, everything, and therefore he's a phenomenon of the left, because racism is a form of collectivism. The right wing is individualist -- believes in individual rights, freedom, the dignity of each individual life. But it's the left wing -- you know, Hitler was National Socialism, right?

BECK: How did, Harry -- how did it --

BINSWANGER: It's a leftist phenomenon.

BECK: How did it happen that this was -- that you look at people who are Nazis, and you say that those are right wing. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

BINSWANGER: Well, there was a deal made between the communists and the Nazis in Germany in the '30s where they each agreed to define themselves as the opposite of the other. You see the percentage in that -- you define my gang or your gang, and you rule out of court any other possibility, such as freedom without any gang rule.

BECK: Right.

BINSWANGER: So it's actually a strategy adopted in Germany in the Weimar Republic in the '30s.

BECK: We're -- we're -- America, we're surrounded by people who want to control you. You've got the government that is -- I think, just going crazy out of control. You have -- you have some crazy nutjob who wants to control what races are here, you know, how -- what our makeup looks like. You have everybody who is struggling for control, and I think you are just somebody that just wants to be left alone, quite honestly. Just wants to be -- let me just, please, let my kids go to school, be safe. Let me go to work, let me -- let me just have a normal life. But it's getting harder and harder.

Beck führte an anderer Stelle schon einmal ein Gespräch mit Binswanger:

HARRY BINSWANGER: You need a philosophical revolution. That’s why I’m in philosophy. I want to teach the principles of individual rights and egoism.

GLENN BECK: You know, I was just talking about this…how neither party is standing up for the individual and individual rights. Neither side.

HARRY BINSWANGER: You’re absolutely right.

GLENN BECK: Nobody is teaching this. That’s the biggest problem we have.

HARRY BINSWANGER: That is. Yes. Ayn Rand was a big–the biggest advocate–of individualism. That’s what made this country great. All the other countries are collectivists – the group, the royal court, the tribe. Those are the people to whom you owe your life, and you’re just the serf. But in America, you’re born free.

GLENN BECK: Yes. But not anymore -

HARRY BINSWANGER: Well, that was the idea.